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Culinary Herbs You MUST Grow in Your Garden

Culinary Herbs You MUST Grow in Your Garden

Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Herbs and spices launched thousands of ships in the global quest to move these desirable culinary ingredients to hungry cooks worldwide. Today, herbs are relatively commonplace—easily purchases at your local supermarket. The problem, however, is most often these herbs command a high price even when they’re not organic. If you love fresh herbs and spices, we’ve got an incredible selection that can be easily grown in your herb garden. See some of our favorites now, along with some fun recipes to try them in.


Let’s start with one you may not have heard of before: Fenugreek. This plant is extremely versatile who’s leaves are used as an herb, it’s seeds as a spice, and the sprouts and micro greens used as a vegetable. As its namesake implies, this sweet smelling herb is used in Mediterranean cooking, however, it’s India that overwhelmingly cultivates and utilizes it in their cuisine. Referred to as methi, you can find it used in many of your favorite curry dishes.

Try this recipe for Methi Chicken Curry from The Spruce Eats.


Close your eyes and envision sitting down to a hot Thanksgiving dinner. The earthy, intoxicating smell is unmistakable. More likely than not, you’re smelling the classic holiday herb, sage. A friend to an array of meats and vegetables, it’s an incredibly versatile herb that you can use well beyond the holidays. Pastas, sausages, desserts, hor d’oeuvres and even cocktails – like this classic cocktail with a sage twist — the Sage Bee’s Knees cocktail.

Or this simple, yet irresistible Pasta with Butter, Sage and Parmesan from the New York Times.


What’s the dill with pickles? Seinfeld jokes aside, dill isn’t just for pickling cucumbers. This beautiful, delicate herb will happily reseed itself year after year, providing you with an abundance of it’s incredibly flavored leaves to use in a variety of dishes. Generally used fresh, a little goes a long way as the flavor is relatively strong. One of the great things about growing your own dill is that you won’t have to worry about properly storing it — just clip what you need and you’re cooking!

Ranch dressing fans can try this beautiful Buttermilk Dill Dressing for their next sports party!


Believe it or not, Cilantro is a huge point of contention among eaters. To some, the herb tastes like soap, yet to others it’s a beloved, must have addition to dishes from countless cuisines including Mexican, Indian, Chinese, and more. Alive with flavors of citrus and spice, this herb has become a common site in American restaurants. And while the tasty herb will provide you a source of cilantro through the season, when it goes to seed you can collect them to add to your spice cabinet. Yep, the cilantro seed is what chefs and cooks know as coriander, another incredibly useful spice with fruity notes used in surprising recipes and cuisines. But wait—look a little deeper and you’ll find that even the root of the cilantro plant has culinary use!

Get to the root of your wing obsession with Susan Jung’s Thai-spiced chicken wings with coriander roots!


One of the oldest cultivated culinary plants, fennel is another highly versatile specimen to grow in your herb garden. The bulb, leaves and the seeds are all valued for their culinary use, finding their way into a variety of dishes. The bulbs get roasted with vegetables for a classic, hearty side to chicken or pork, while the leaves find their way into pestos and the seeds adorn classic Italian sausage for an unmistakable flavor. While most have enjoyed the flavor of fennel seed, many haven’t had a chance to enjoy the tasty bulbs.

Try this great recipe for an easy weeknight meal idea: Crispy Pork Cutlets with Fennel Salad

One thing is certain: The garden and kitchen have an unbreakable bond which we can further enhance by growing useful, versatile herbs in our gardens to be added to our dining experiences at home. You’ll save money, know exactly what went into your herbs and have a bounty to share with your friends and neighbors. Thinking of planting an herb garden? Browse our vast selection of herb seed and get planting!