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Customer Photos

dahlia field

My dahlia garden | Katherine from Maryland

The last of my dahlias | Dolores Ciarrochi from New Jersey

yellow calendula

Calendula | Lynn from Michigan

Apricot lemonade cosmos | Lynn from Michigan

cottage garden

Front cottage garden | Susan from New York

white cosmos

Cosmos cosmos everywhere | Ren from Ohio

Monarch on zinnias | Ren from Ohio

dahlias and sunflowers

Bountiful Last Harvest | Jessica from Wisconsin

teddy bear sunflower with bee

My teddy sunflower | Provi Marta Mayo from Indiana


Hillside of wildflowers | DawnMarie from Idaho

joe pye weed

Joe Pyeweed | Connie from New Jersey

wildflower bouquet

Nothing better than growing your own bouquet! | Beth from Georgia

My little wildflower patch | Beth from Georgia

bee on zinnia

The bees love our zinnias! | Beth from Georgia

Midwest Wildflower Garden & English Shepherd | LeAnn from Missouri

Dahlias with sun behind

Dahlias in October | Jill from Maryland


Exciting color combinations | Alice from Washington


My coreopsis | Peg from Louisiana


Shade seed pack in my raised garden bed | Mary from California

Ruh-Roh’s inVINCAble! | Lisa from Texas