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Customer Photos

Bouquets of Kindness | Jamie from Indiana

Summer Rudbeckia | Heidi from Arizona

Emerging Dahlia | Danielle from Kentucky

First time planting Love-in-a-mist seeds! | Laura from Washington

Garden corner of wildflowers and impatiens | Mandy from Idaho

Coleus | Steve from Maryland

Thanksgiving harvested carrots | Robyn Skur from Colorado

Dill harvest | Bonnie from North Dakota

Lupines, Daisies and Charlie | Janice from Washington

My Dahlia Garden | Lorraine from California

October bouquet | Janice from Washington

Rainbow harvest | Lesya from Massachusetts

Dazzling Dahlias! | Lisa Bakos from California

First Dahlias I Ever Grew! | JENNIFER from Montana

Zinnia nectar | Vieve Voss from Iowa

Herb garden | Brita from Wisconsin

My Lupins | John Wilkes from Massachusetts

Zinnia LOVE! | Charmaine A Lee from Massachusetts

Sunflower Vs. Dahlia | Jessica from Arizona

First carrot harvest | Theresa H from Florida