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Customer Photos


Peony blooms that awaken the senses! | Judy from North Carolina

Dahlias | Sally from Texas

pink cosmos

First cosmo of the season! | Taylor from California


Fragrant Peony haven! | Judy from North Carolina

calla yellow

Calla creation | Sally from Texas

dahlia fence

Dahlia fence of color | Judy from North Carolina

peony bartzella

Mellow yellow | Beth Remble from Tennessee


Judy’s bouquet of dahlias & hydrangea stems | Judy from North Carolina


Cafe Au lait Rose | Judy from North Carolina


Poppy emerging from the wildflowers | Debra from Missouri

elephant ear etc

The first year | Jo from Alabama

iris garden

iris day! | Kimberly from New Hampshire

red lupine

Lupine | Pam Garrison from Georgia


Joyful Zinnias! | Tamara from Florida

pink zinnia

Zinnia | Mary Elijah from Texas

raised garden bed\

Raised bed garden in Cypress TX | Mary Elijah from Texas

Calla Canal | Debbie from North Carolina

flower path

Along my house | Stuart from New York


My First Glads! | Diane from Florida


Sensational Poppies | Sarah from Maryland