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Customer Photos

God’s Bouquet | Barbara Wilson from Washington

Cut Flowers | Terry from Connecticut

Busy bee | Larochelle from Illinois

Save the bees | Larochelle from Illinois

Zinnia Beauty Queen! | Rebecca from North Carolina

Lilies! | Kiersten from Florida

Lemon dahlia | Anita from Texas

Fruits of our Labor | Pam from Georgia

My spring bank of Coreopsis | Elizabeth from Pennsylvania

Summer Love | Lisa from Indiana

Granddaughter falling in love with flowers | Jen from North Carolina

Cosmos flower in my garden (Psyche) | Patricia from Delaware

Zinnias & Squash | Ginger from Utah

Poppy flowers | Bassam from Oregon

Back deck flowers | Michelle from California

DIYgarden | Andrea from Illinois

Gladiolus | Sylvia from Colorado

Lupine in full blooms | Bassam from Oregon

Black-eyed Susan vine | Susan from Florida

Wild flowers | Susan from Florida