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Customer Photos

Blue Flax | Florence from Arizona

Dahlias in the Pool garden | Joanne from New York

Cut flower zinnias | Jaclyn Deavers from Texas

Love those pollinators! | Joan Neumiller from Wyoming

Bee on Zinnia | Libbi Robinson from Kentucky

Sunflowers | Libbi Robinson from Kentucky

My Mesa Brights! | Laura from Pennsylvania

Green Twister Echinacea | Brittney from Maryland

Blue skies and Cosmo | Gena from Connecticut

Cosmo and blue skies | Gena Murray from Connecticut

Crocus saffron in pot | Vinessa from New Hampshire

My First Saffron Crocus | Kevin from Pennsylvania

Gorgeous Dahlias in Community Garden | Rachel from New York

Cafe Au lait Rose | Rachel from New York

Crazy Pepper | Patricia from New Hampshire


My daughter helping with sunflowers | Margie from Indiana

cutting flowers for bouquets

Bouquet Cutting | Margie from Indiana

Blooming Fields Cut Flowers | Margie Walls from Indiana

cool weather greens

My cool weather greens! | Beth from Georgia

pink dahlia

First Year of Dahlias- totally in love! | Lauren from North Carolina