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Customer Photos

Last blooms of the season | Ashley Duncan from Georgia

My dahlia | Dolores from New Jersey

Nature at its finest | Denise from New Hampshire

Flower Garden Dahlia | Melanie Olson from Utah

Close up of Fleurel Dahlia | Kristin Binkley from Virginia

Some dahlias from my first year! | Kristin Binkley from Virginia

Wild flowers! | from

First YEILD FIELD! | Judy from Pennsylvania

Charming Lone Pumpkin | Lisa from New Jersey

Love dahlia’s | Joyce from Pennsylvania

Anemone | Susan from Connecticut

Morning is glorious | Anna from New York

close up of peony

Blushing Girl | Lisa from Minnesota

echinacea patch

My Perennial Bed | Carol from Georgia

Early fall bouquet | Katie Boyette from North Carolina

Do you come here often? | Robin Haug from Illinois

Zinnias! | Robin Haug from Illinois

End of the season beauties | Robin from Illinois

My Lilies | Claudine from Ohio

Dahlias in my Rock Garden | Penny from Washington