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Customer Photos

Purple Haze | Cindy Williams from Tennessee

Colorful colors in my planter | Marcia from New York

Hollyhocks against garden shed | Suzanne from Connecticut

My volunteer poppy! | Elizabeth from Georgia

Example: My Field of Zinnias! | Andrea from Illinois

My Summer Veggies | Chip from North Carolina

Zinnia Sunset | Amanda from Kentucky

Tomato, stevia, and peppers. | Tim from Texas

Perfect Bloom | Caroline Cunningham from Maine

Squash/Green Beans | Beth from South Carolina

Bees loving my Echinacea! | Michael from Ohio

The Glow of Lilies | Dana Marlow from Indiana

love these White Christmas caladiums! | DS from Texas

Flowers on the counter | Valerie from Texas

Purple Bloom | Marta from Vermont

Zucchini in container | Melissa from Wisconsin

Beauty for a cutie | Shannon from Ohio

Sunflower stunner | Yvette from Illinois

Double annual poppy | John from Ohio

Peonies In Memory of Grandma | Cynthia from Missouri