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Customer Photos

flower spot

Curves of colors! | Mandy from Idaho

girl sitting on pumpkin

Girl and her pumpkin | Andy from Florida

Dahlia Cantorino | Karen from New York

snapdragon bouquet

Pastel bouquet | Rebekah from Ohio

dahlia bouquet

Bountiful Bouquet | Karina from Vermont

Dazzling dahlias | Floris Baynes-Nedd from Maryland

Bed of Wildflowers | Kristen Ryan from Oklahoma

Monarch on a Zinnia | Mary from Pennsylvania

Dahlia | Mary from Pennsylvania

Queen Series Zinnia, a must grow again! | Ingrid Ann from Maine

Xanthos Cosmos- unique! | Ingrid Ann from Maine

Milkweed Summons a New Visitor | Susan from North Carolina

Summer Sunset Floral Arrangement | Lauren from Wisconsin

My gorgeous red sunflower | Doina from Mississippi


Hosta garden | Mary from Maine

Iris bouquet | Mary from Maine

Fancy Fritalliaria | Ann Marie Scorsone from New York

A Swallowtail on my Zinnias | Ron H Snyder from Indiana

dames rocket

Early Dames Rocket | Ron H Snyder from Indiana


Gifts from the garden. Thank you, Eden Brothers! | Ingrid Ann from Maine