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DIY Garden Trellis – So Easy!

DIY Garden Trellis – So Easy!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

One of the easiest and rewarding gardening projects that anyone can create is a trellis. You don’t need to be a handyman or a skilled crafter for this one! Sure, trellises are wonderful features for gardeners with small growing areas, but they are much more than that. So many veggies and flowers are climbers and thrive when they have room to grow upward towards the sun and can hang onto an object as they reach higher and higher. Whether you have acres of property or just a little plot of land, an easy way to maximize your growing space is to grow vertically.

Plan it Out

Follow the steps below to build a trellis and add extra growing area to your garden. We added a cucumber trellis to a raised bed, but you can also put stakes directly into the ground.⁠ Most gardeners probably have many of the materials required to build a trellis, but if not your local garden center or hardware store will provide all you need. There aren’t many garden projects as inexpensive as a trellis!

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to gather all of your materials and lay them out in an accessible location.

⁠Materials Needed

  • Two garden stakes⁠
  • Chicken wire⁠
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver or drill ⁠
  • Zip-ties⁠
  • Scissors⁠ ⁠

Get Started

Step One: Attach the garden stakes to the inside of your garden bed for extra support. ⁠

Securing the garden stakes.

Step Two: Stretch your chicken wire between your stakes.⁠

Step Three: Attach the wire with zip-ties and cut off the excess.⁠ ⁠

Attaching the chicken wire.
Clipping the zip ties.

Step Four: Plant your seedlings along the base of the trellis and watch them grow!

Delicious cucumber hanging on tight!

This easy and inexpensive trellis is perfect for so many delicious veggies and lovely flowers. Try these:

The final product!
Cucumbers are perfect for the trellis.

Want More?

For additional gardening tutorials and to watch a demo about how to build this trellis:

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Watch the trellis demonstration.