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During winter, do what all gardeners do.

During winter, do what all gardeners do.

Monday, January 8th, 2018

You imagine and plan next year’s garden, right?  As for flowers, that means “Spring Bulbs”—the ones you plant in spring for summer-long bloom. Dahlias!  Glads!  And of course, Lilies.  All our Spring Bulbs are on Advance Sale with big savings during winter.  Then shipping begins in March, warmest zones first. (See schedule.)

Dahlias are addictive.  No flower gives a gardener more bloom for so little work.  All you do is plant the bulb (called a tuber) and by midsummer, you have a plant budding like crazy.  And it’s your choice—tall or short, with smaller flowers or those huge 10” Dinnerplate Dahlias everybody loves.  With dahlias, the flowers continue until frost.  No other flower does that.  All summer and fall you enjoy them, cut them, and marvel at their incredible beauty.

And look at the selection! We have 60 to choose from!

Glads have two great qualities other than their beauty. 

Gladiolus are the easiest bulbs to grow, and they’re very inexpensive.  Pop a few in anywhere in the garden with sun, and they’ll be up with their stunning flower spikes in no time.  Best of all, you can plant them in successive weeks in spring, so you can enjoy new blooms all through late spring and summer.

So Dream on, and order early for savings.  Spring will be here before you know it!

DAHLIA “CAFÉ AU LAIT” with magnificent 8 to 10” blooms

DAHLIA “KARMA  MIX” for deep luscious colors.

DECORATIVE DAHLIA MIX” is a true rainbow of color.