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For Tulips Next Spring, Plant Bulbs in the Fall

For Tulips Next Spring, Plant Bulbs in the Fall

Thursday, August 23rd, 2018

Tulips are one of the most beautiful flowers known to man. Their storied past is proof enough of their beauty, desirability, and splendor. In fact, Tulips are so beloved that they caused one of the most famous market crashes of all time, fittingly called “Tulip Mania”. This precious bulb set off a skyrocketing price and at one point, one single tulip bulb was worth as much as an entire estate. Of course, the resulting crash caused people to lose vast sums of wealth.

Today, enjoying the beauty and elegance of a tulip won’t cost you an entire estate, but it will certainly add a wealth of curb appeal to your home and garden. Not to mention they make absolutely fabulous bouquets. If you’re ready to have gorgeous tulips in your garden come spring, you’ll need to plan ahead—like way ahead. For tulips in spring, plant bulbs in the fall.

Planting Tulip Bulbs

That’s right, you’ll need to plant your tulip bulbs in the fall, just before the first big frost, in order to get big, beautiful flowers after the next season. Why, you ask? Tulips need the cold to develop those magnificent flowers we all know and love. It helps their roots take hold and encourages flowering in the coming spring. For this reason, tulips don’t do well everywhere. Hardiness zones 3-8 are ideal for growing, as they provide the low temperatures the tulip bulbs need to thrive.

Plant your bulbs just prior to the first frost, at least 5”-10” deep in a well amended, aerated and nutrient rich soil. It’s a good idea to make sure your soil is free of large stones, roots or other obstacles that could hinder the growth of the bulbs. They prefer partial to full sun and don’t appreciate over watering. A well draining soil is a must. If your soil is very dry, wait until the day after it has rained to plant.

It’s best to dig out your entire tulip bed instead of making individual holes. this will help the soil aeration and make it easier to ensure there is no debris blocking growth.

One last thing—make sure to plant your tulip bulbs with the pointed end up. This is where the new growth will come from!

Aesthetic Considerations

Tulips are one flower that always looks much better when planted together in groups. Planting as close a 6” apart, arrange your tulips in whatever pattern you prefer. You can mix and match for a purposeful alternating-colors look, or randomize your varieties for a natural, carefree look. The choice is yours.

For tulips all season, it’s a good idea to plant early, mid and late blooming varieties around each other. This will ensure you’ve always got flowers blooming and maintain the look of your garden.

Tulip Varieties

There are countless varieties of tulip. They come in many shapes and—more importantly—colors! Our suggestion is to try a variety of them and then see which ones you like best! Remember, some variety bloom early—and some later—so be sure to mix and match for season long color!

Red Impression

You’ll love these stunning red blooms. After all, red tulips are a symbol of love! One of the taller varieties, they’re Darwin Hybrid tulips. In addition to being tall, they also put out massive flower heads—up to 6” in diameter when fully opened. For this reason, Red Impression tulips are considered some of the best tulips for cut flowers! They’re a late opening variety so be sure to take that into consideration when planting.

Golden Parade

These gorgeous, yellow flowers are a sight to behold. Pale butter yellow on the outside, Golden Parade tulips hide a deep, rich yellow on the inside with a bold, black heart. Also a Darwin Hybrid, they make great cut flowers and are later bloomers!

Apeldoorn Elite

Apeldoorn Elite is one of the most beloved of the very large (and very beloved!) Darwin Hybrid family. Huge blooms on tall, sturdy stems make them a great choice for any spot in the garden as well as cut flower arrangements. Big, bold red and yellow blooms are simultaneously traditional and eye catching. They’re called elite for a reason! These are truly gorgeous flowers.

Green Wave

For those who want something truly unique and eye-catching, add the Green Wave tulip variety to your list! These showy flowers have a stunning “parrot” texture and a flashy display of colors to boot. Buds emerge in a bright and unique green, and slowly mature into the perfect blend of rosy pink, creamy white and brilliant emerald green.

We absolutely LOVE tulips and are proud to offer a vast array of varieties and colors to choose from. Our customers simply adore our bulbs and come back year after year to make the next season even more beautiful than the last. If you want to add a tremendous amount of color and personality to your garden come next spring, start planning your fall bulb planting now!

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  1. Francesca Donley says:

    I love tulips and am looking forward to having more come up, annually. I have about five weeks of tulips blooming, and can never have enough.

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