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Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Growing an Indoor Herb Garden

Monday, November 8th, 2021

It’s a no-brainer that the first task when preparing to grow an herb garden is to choose your herbs. The best way to approach the assignment is probably not by going straight to the online herb catalog. That can be daunting! Instead, think about what you love to eat and what you love to cook. Many herbs can be successfully grown indoors, but we recommend planting parsley, basilchives and sage since they’re the most common go-to herbs for recipes. It’s also fun to toss in a more unusual treat like marjoram, which can be used in herbal teas.

If you simply can’t decide, our new Culinary Herb Collection is a packet of 10 favorite herbs. When purchasing as a collection, you save 25% and have a community of growers behind you, since these are Eden Brothers’ all-time best sellers.

Tips for Herb Success

Find good light. Your herb plants will do best if they are placed near a bright window that gets at least 8 hours of sunlight a day.

Encourage drainage. Use containers that have good drainage. Don’t forget the saucer or plate under the pot if it doesn’t already have one!

Select high performing soil. When planting inside soil matters. Use a good potting mix that is composed of organic matter with good drainage to promote growth.

Water your herbs, but not too much. Let the soil dry before watering again. Overwatering may cause rotting roots.

Get Gifty with Herbs

  1. Plant in advance. Set your friends up for success by starting a selection of common herbs in cute containers or jars. 
  2. You purchase, they plant. Order a selection of herb packets and larger seed bags; then arrange them in a cute gift basket for future planting.
  3. Take the easy route! Find a small herb planter, and place a gift certificate inside. Your friends or family can grow exactly what they want.

Time to Taste!

Once your herb plants are mature, harvest them often. This is a win-win! You’ll have plenty of fresh ingredients to use in recipes or give as gifts, and the plant can focus on new growth. Harvested herbs are perfect for sharing. You can customize your own packaging with a small sprig of something you’ve grown like the rosemary shown below. Or go all-out by gifting your loved ones a full bag of fresh herbs. Include a favorite handwritten recipe that incorporates the flavor.

Watch our Gardener Plant an Herb Garden From Seed

Our colleague Ashley demonstrates how to plant an herb garden from seed using our Culinary Herb Collection. She talks about the best soil, herb planting tips, how to transplant herbs to the garden, and much more. You'll even get a glimpse into her sunny Florida garden where her herbs are thriving and befriending other companion plants. Watch the video here.