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I love your Dahlias!

I love your Dahlias!

Monday, February 12th, 2018

I just got a great email from a gardener in North Carolina who has been planting our dahlias for several years. Here are his photos, and the new ones he’s trying this year.

“Dear Linda: Each spring, I’ve found dahlias from Eden Bros. are great “fillers” in our garden—wherever I see space, I plant a dahlia tuber. They almost jump out of the ground as soon as the weather is warm, and then bloom all summer and fall. My wife cuts them for arrangements, too. I plant short and tall ones, depending on the area of the garden. The tall ones often need stakes, but not the border ones. All I do is keep them watered. Thanks for the great dahlias you guys have every year. —NC Mountain Gardener”

This is ‘Claudette,’ one of your Border Dahlias;

Next single one called ‘Fascination,’ and also the taller ‘White Perfection.’—this photo shows they don’t have to have full sun!

The third picture is a Dinnerplate I grew one year, called ‘Seattle.’ Compared to other plants, they’re really a snap to grow.”

“This year, I see some real beauties on your website. I’m going to try your new Melody Mix.”

Melody Mix

One thought on “I love your Dahlias!”

  1. Linda says:

    Dear NC Mtn. Gardener: Thanks for the great photos, and some detail on how you use dahlias. And you’re right. They’re great accents, wherever a garden needs bloom after all the spring bloom is gone. For years, I’ve admired my friends’ dahlias, and finally, about 5 yrs. ago, I planted some myself. Now, of course, it’s not summer without dahlias They’re the best. Also, I agree about the Melody Mix–what colors! Thanks again for your great photos.
    Happy Gardening, Linda

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