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“Naturalizing” Daffodils

“Naturalizing” Daffodils

Saturday, September 16th, 2017

“Naturalizing” is simply a big word meaning planting something outside the flower garden.  With daffodils, it’s usually in woodland, since they’ll be happy in any unprepared soil—yes, you can plant them anywhere, sun or shade, and in whatever soil is there (except in wet spots or under dense evergreens).

If you’re lucky enough to have natural areas near your home or along your driveway, what are you waiting for?  You can plant big beautiful daffodils there, and every spring they’ll be in full bloom for you before the trees leaf out, or at least during that gorgeous week or so when the trees are just showing fleecy new green.  Just choose your favorite tall daffodils and plant lots of them. Most people choose a mixture, which saves money, and also gives you some variety in your display.  Just stick to the tall ones for good visibility when they bloom.

I know a professor who had acres of woodland around his house, and about a decade ago, he began putting in 100 daffodils at the edge of his woods each spring.  Today, he has masses of blooming beauty every year for a couple of weeks.  They never fail, and give you more blooms each spring. Then, as the trees leaf out, the daffodils quietly die down and wait for next year. You do nothing.

So pick a place, and begin your great investment in spring beauty this fall! Any of the big daffodils will do.