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Anemone Bulbs

When to Plant Anemone Bulbs

Zones 8-12 Plant in Autumn, Zones 2-7 Plant in Late Winter/Early Spring. Bulbs can be planted in Autumn or Spring depending on your zone and can be stored until you are able to plant. Make sure your bulbs do not get below 25 degrees or they could rot once they begin to thaw.

Where to Plant Anemone Bulbs

Plant anemone bulbs in well-draining soil. Choose a spot that receives full to partial sun.

How to Plant Anemone Bulbs

Before planting, soak your bulbs for a two to three hours in lukewarm water. DO NOT OVERSOAK. Dig holes that allow you to plant the anemones 1-2 inch deep, and 6-9 inch apart. Don't worry about which side of the bulb needs to point toward the surface as regardless of how the bulbs are positioned they will still grow. If planting indoors, it is important to make sure there are adequate drainage holes in your containers; anemones bulbs will rot if they sit in waterlogged soil. Learn why soaking bulbs is important here.

Pre-sprouting anemones will allow your corms to bloom a few weeks earlier than normal. Soak corms in room-temperature water for three to four hours. Fill a flat-bottomed seed tray half-way with moist potting soil. Place corms in the tray and cover with more soil. Move the tray into an area that has consistent temperatures of 40 to 50°F for two weeks. Check the corms every three to four days to ensure the soil is moist, and remove any corms that show signs of rotting or molding. Once rootlets appear, it's time to plant!

How to Care for Anemones

After planting, gently soak the soil. Roots will form in the autumn and in warmer zones, some foliage may also develop in the fall. Buds and flowers are produced in the spring.

Leave the foliage in place once blooming has ended for the season, be sure not to cut it off. The leaves will continue to gather sunlight and strengthen the bulbs for future seasons.