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Anise Seeds

When to Plant Anise Seeds

Direct sow seeds outdoors in a prepared seedbed about 2 weeks after the danger of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Anise Seeds

Anise plants do not transplant well, so it's best to directly sow into an area with full sun and well-draining soils that are rich in organic matter. Young plants will need protection from winds.

How to Plant Anise Seeds

Sow your seeds about 1/4th of an inch into well-draining soil. Space plants about 6-12 inches apart. When seedlings are 6 weeks old, thin plants to 18 inches apart or more. Only water anise plants when the ground starts to dry out- be careful not to overwater. Side dress plants with aged compost or organic all-purpose fertilizer at midseason, The seeds should germinate in about 20 days and will reach full maturity after 120 days.

How to Harvest Anise

Be sure to keep your planting site free of weeds. Some anise plants may grow tall and leggy- stake if necessary. Once the flower umbels are full of brown seeds, cut the seed heads off, placing them on paper toweling or plates. Set them in a warm place and in direct sunlight if possible to finish drying the herb seeds. To harvest the leaves, snip off for fresh use. Leaves can be dried on a screen in a cool, dry, dark, airy place.