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Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds

When to Plant Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds

If starting seeds indoors, sow 6-8 weeks before last frost. Transplant or direct sow seeds after the last spring frost.

Where to Plant Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds

Birdsfoot Trefoil prefers full sun and thrives in just about any soil type that is well-draining, including clay, sand, acid, and alkaline. It does not do well with competition and prefers an area where weeds are minimal. Birdsfoot Trefoil should be seeded with grasses for optimum forage production.

How to Plant Birdsfoot Trefoil Seeds

Soften hard coating on seeds by rubbing them lightly with sandpaper or soaking in water overnight before sowing. Plant just below the surface, no deeper than 1/4", compacting the soil, and keep slightly moist until germination (2-3 weeks after sowing). Space seeds or seedlings about 6" apart.

How to Care for Birdsfoot Trefoil

Water the root zone daily for a couple of weeks until plants are established, then adjust watering schedule to every 2-3 days. Fertilize before planting and again halfway through growing season or apply 1-2" of mulch or compost annually.