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Buckwheat Seeds

When to Plant Buckwheat Seeds

The ideal temperature for buckwheat to thrive is 70°F, but it can tolerate down to 45°F, so do not plant the seeds too early in the spring. Plant buckwheat at least 60 days prior to your first expected fall frost date, as it cannot tolerate the lightest frost. If planting to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, allow your buckwheat to flower for at least three weeks. Altogether, plan for at least two to three months of growth prior to any danger of frost.

Where to Plant Buckwheat Seeds

As a fast growing plant, buckwheat begins to flower just 30 days after it is sown. Choose a location in your landscape that receives at least 6+ hours of sunlight. Buckwheat needs good drainage and can tolerate mildly acidic soils. 

How to Plant Buckwheat Seeds

Break the ground with light tilling to create a nice flat area that is free of weeds, rocks, or any other debris. Moisten the soil prior to planting. If you are broadcasting your buckwheat seeds, plant at a rate of 55 to 65 pounds per acre.

How to Care for Buckwheat

Buckwheat will reach maturity within 80 to 90 days under normal rainfall. If you have a particularly dry season, you can rest assured knowing buckwheat is fairly drought-tolerant. Before going to seed, buckwheat can be tilled into the soil for added nutrients.

Buckwheat grain can be used to feed livestock at around 8 to 10 weeks. If planting for pollinators, time your buckwheat growth to flower for a few weeks prior to your first expected frost date.