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Butterfly Flower Seeds

About Butterfly Flower

Also known as "Poor Man's Orchid", the Butterfly Flower is a breathtaking addition to any garden and acts as a great accent to containers or borders while packing a wonderful punch of color when planted en masse. Additionally, as one can assume from its name - Butterfly Flowers are highly attractive to butterflies and other pollinators.

When to Plant Butterfly Flower Seeds

This variety is best started indoors, approximately 3 months before the final frost date for your area.

Where to Plant Butterfly Flower Seeds

Sprinkle onto the surface of the soil and lightly compress the seeds without covering them. Germination will take about two to three weeks. Transplant outdoors about 2 weeks after the final frost date.

How to Plant Butterfly Flower Seeds

Butterfly Flower seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Plant your Butterfly Flower seedlings in rich soil that received morning sun, and afternoon shade. Once the seedlings reach 3 inches in height, pinch off the stems to encourage the Butterfly Flower to grow into a bushy appearance.

How to Care for Butterfly Flower

Butterfly Flower does well in shaded flower beds, as well as planters, hanging pots and indoor windows. It's important that they don't get too much sun, and receive shade during afternoon hours. Before watering, wait until the soil is nearly dry to the touch, as the roots of Butterfly flower are prone to rot if they stay too moist.