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Butterfly Milkweed Roots

About Butterfly Milkweed

The Monarch Butterfly Attractor, a beautiful native wildflower - this tuberous-rooted herbaceous perennial offers lovely, flat-topped clusters of flowers with stiff, lance shaped leaves.

When to Plant Butterfly Milkweed Roots

Butterfly Milkweed roots should be planted in the Spring, after the threat of frost has passed. It can be slow to emerge through the soil, but will grow quickly when it does, hitting peak height and bloom in mid- to late-summer.

Where to Plant Butterfly Milkweed Roots

Butterfly Milkweed prefers locations with Full Sun. Well-draining rocky or sandy soil is best, though Butterfly Milkweed can grow in clay or dense soil. Though in these conditions, it will grow more slowly.

How to Plant Butterfly Milkweed Roots

Dig a hole that can accommodate the entirety of the root, with the top of the Milkweed roots even with the surface of the soil. Backfill soil and compress firmly.

How to Care for Butterfly Milkweed

As long as the soil drains well, and the Milkweed gets Full Sun, it shouldn't need any special care. Once foliage dies back in the fall, the Milkweed can be cut back right down to ground level. It will re emerge successfully in the following Spring season.