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California Bluebell Seeds

When to Plant California Bluebell Seeds

Direct sow outdoors 2-4 weeks before the final frost date of Spring, or start indoors 6-8 weeks before the final frost. In cooler climates, California Bluebells can also be sown in the Fall, after the first killing frost.

Where to Plant California Bluebell Seeds

California Bluebells thrive when planted in Full Sun conditions. They do best in soil that is somewhat dry, sandy soil, but they can tolerate other soil conditions as long as it's well-draining.

How to Plant California Bluebell Seeds

Sow seeds onto the surface of the soil and firmly compress, but do not cover the seeds. California Bluebell seeds require exposure to sunlight in order to germinate. Seedlings will emerge in approximately 5-10 days.

How to Care for California Bluebell

Once sprouts come up, thin to 1 every 6 inches. Once established, California Bluebells will tolerate drought, but will certainly benefit from occasional watering. As a tall grower, California Bluebells may need support from staking, especially in areas with high winds. After plants begin to turn brown, seed pods for the Bluebells will star opening. Collect seeds as soon as pods open, and store in a cool dry location with minimal sunlight exposure for planting in the next season.