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Catchfly Seeds

About Catchfly

Catchfly, a mid-season bloomer sometimes called "None-So-Pretty", is a classic wildflower that is a welcomed addition to any meadow garden. The plant produces dainty clusters of exquisite purplish and pink flowers. Catchfly is also a favorite of birds and butterflies.

When to Plant Catchfly Seeds

Direct sow seeds in late fall, or early in the Spring season, approximately 3 weeks before the final frost date.

Where to Plant Catchfly Seeds

Catchfly prefers Full Sun, though in warmer climates, Catchfly will do better in partial, or afternoon shade. For best results, plant in good, well-draining soil, though Catchfly can tolerate average to poor soil.

How to Plant Catchfly Seeds

Broadcast sow your seeds directly onto the surface of the soil, and compress down. Ensure seeds aren't covered as they require sunlight to germinate.

How to Care for Catchfly

Catchfly is a prolific, self-seeding variety. To control their spread, be sure to deadhead blooms as soon as they die. Water regularly, and they may also benefit from fertilizing intermittently. Cut them down once they've died back.