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Chamomile Seeds

When to Plant Chamomile Seeds

Direct sow Chamomile seeds in late Fall, after the first killing frost, so that seeds can naturally cold stratify. For Spring planting, start seeds indoors about 6 weeks before the final frost date. If planting in the Spring, sowing Chamomile seeds outdoors will likely have a weaker germination. The optimal temperature for Chamomile to germinate is 65°F.

Where to Plant Chamomile Seeds

Chamomile usually thrives best with Full Sun exposure, but it can tolerate Partial Shade as well. In hotter climates, Partial Shade is advisable for your Chamomile. For best flowering, plant Chamomile in rich, organic soil that is well-drained. While Chamomile can grow in poorer soil, it will usually mean droopier stems as a result.

How to Plant Chamomile Seeds

Chamomile seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Sow your seeds directly onto the surface of the soil, and firmly compress. Do not cover your Chamomile seeds as they require sunlight in order to germinate. Once seedlings are approximately an inch tall, thin out to one plant every 2-4 inches. If growing indoors, be mindful that Chamomile plants do not like to be transplanted after having their first blooms.

How to Harvest Chamomile

Harvest the Chamomile flower once it is fully open. The flower can be used either fresh, or it's a good candidate for use dry as well. Leaves can be harvested in late Spring through early summer, and likewise are useful fresh or dried.