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Coffee Seeds

When to Plant Coffee Seeds

Coffee seeds can take up to 6 months to germinate. So patience and planning for a long wait is crucial. Generally, in the United States, coffee is grown as a houseplant, as it can take many seeds to produce one plant, and even if the plant will produce cherries, it likely will not do so for several years.

Where to Plant Coffee Seeds

Before planting indoors, soak your seeds for 24-48 hours to help speed germination. But even after taking this step, it will likely be months before you see your seeds germinate. It's a good idea to pre-germinate your seeds, by sowing your seeds into damp sand or wet vermiculite that has been drained. Consistent temperatures of 75° F should be maintained while awaiting germination.

How to Plant Coffee Seeds

Once the coffee seeds have germinated, gently transfer the seeds to 1 inch holes in loam soil. Place the seed with the flat-side downward and lightly cover with soil. Do not compress the soil down. Placing a 1/2 inch of mulched grass will help retain moisture as well. Water daily, but not overly so.

How to Care for Coffee

Place the plant under artificial lighting. Water once during the week, and allow the planting vessel to drain, then water again later in the week with fertilizer, allowing that to drain as well. It can take 2 to 3 years for a coffee plant to flower, and it may never produce cherries. To encourage flowering of the coffee plant, reduce watering during the months of winter. Once spring arrives, water the plant well in order to shock the plant into producing blooms. Even if cherries are produced, don't expect high-quality coffee, unless you're in a high-altitude area and closely regulating conditions to simulate their native climate.