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Cumin Seeds

When to Plant Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds need a long, warm season to thrive, so start them indoors about 4 weeks before the final frost date in Spring. Once temperatures reach a consistent low of 60°F, You can transplant your cumin outdoors. As a Mediterranean Native, Cumin is not resilient against frost. In warmer climates, Cumin can be directly sown outdoors.

Where to Plant Cumin Seeds

Cumin does best in bright, Full Sun conditions. Choose a well-drained, sandy loam, though Cumin can also tolerate nutrient-rich soils as well.

How to Plant Cumin Seeds

Soak seeds for about 8 hours prior to sowing to increase your chances of germination. Plant Cumin in rows, in groups of 4 seeds, every 4-8 inches, with 2 feet of spacing between rows. Once seedlings are about 2 inches tall, thin them out to 1 plant every 8 inches. Germination takes approximately 14 days.

How to Harvest Cumin

Cumin needs about 4 months of warm, sunny weather in order to mature and be ready to drop seed. Cumin is ready for harvesting by hand once you see the bloom of the white or pink flowers of the plant. Cut seed heads to dry indoors as late in the season as possible, or when you begin to see the seeds dropping on their own. Mist your plants regularly, to keep them hydrated without overwatering.