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Dames Rocket Seeds

About Dame's Rocket

This classic flower is, unfortunately, not as well-known as it should be. Not only is it beautiful offering loose clusters of attractive, fragrant, pinkish-purple to white four-petaled flowers, but it is very easy to grow from seed. Dame's Rocket is also very resilient and can be successfully planted in both sun and shade.

When to Plant Dames Rocket Seeds

Sow seeds in Spring, after the threat of frost has passed. Dame's Rocket is one of the few varieties that can thrive, even with a Summer planting.

Where to Plant Dames Rocket Seeds

Dame's Rocket prefers moist, well-drained soil in Full-Sun conditions, though will tolerate Partial Shade.

How to Plant Dames Rocket Seeds

Direct sow seeds via broadcast onto the surface of the soil. Compress firmly, but do not cover - Dame's Rocket requires sunlight to germinate.

How to Care for Dames Rocket

Dame's Rocket thrives with little need for care or maintenance. However, it can be a very prolific seeder that can overtake other nearby varieties. Control the spread of seed by cutting faded stems down to the base.