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Delphinium Seeds

About Delphinium

In the garden, in a vase or dried, Delphinium is lovely! Different varieties of the the Delphinium family can range from 1 to 7 feet.

When to Plant Delphinium Seeds

Plant your Delphinium seeds in the fall or spring, early in the season.

Where to Plant Delphinium Seeds

Delphinium plants like full sun to partial shade, and they will grow very quickly. They thrive in average soil and cool weather.

How to Plant Delphinium Seeds

While not required, Delphinium seeds can benefit from a special 1 to 2 week treatment called cold moist stratification prior to planting them. Learn more about the importance and process of cold moist stratification here.

Delphinium is notoriously difficult to transplant, so it is best to sow seeds directly into your flower garden after all danger of frost. Cover Delphinium seeds lightly with 1/8th inch of soil. Space your seeds 4 inches apart, and after germination, thin seedlings to 10-12 inches apart. Keep the soil moist to feed your Delphinium fast growth.

How to Care for Delphinium

During dry periods, water them once or twice a week. Provide a general purpose fertilizer once a month until after they have bloomed. Staking may be necessary to keep them from bending under the weight of the blooms. Delphinium are highly susceptible to frost, fungal disease (especially Sclerotium), and mildew. Insects should not be a problem, but if they are, use a general purpose insect repellent. ** Delphinium can be poisonous to some animals—most notably cattle!**