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Forget Me Not Seeds

When to Plant Forget Me Not Seeds

You can plant after the threat of frost, but for best results, sow in mid-Summer.

Where to Plant Forget Me Not Seeds

Forget-me-nots prefer shaded conditions, but can do well in the sun. Choose locations where the soil has been well-worked, and has excellent drainage. Amend soil with plenty of organic matter.

How to Plant Forget Me Not Seeds

Water your bed until the soil is moist, then lightly rake. Scatter seeds by hand onto the bed's surface. Be sure not to water after the deeds have been sown. Cover your seeds with cardboard to block out light and help retain moisture. Wait a few days before lifting the cardboard, then mist the planting area with a nozzle bottle. When soil temperatures are warm, Forget-me-nots will germinate in just a few days.

How to Care for Forget Me Not

Forget-me-nots enjoy plenty of moisture, but not saturated soil. The plants need to experience a chilling period before being able to produce flowers, which will likely be after their first year. After flowering, the entire plant will die back. If you want plants to return, allow the dead growth to remain until the Fall, so it can naturally reseed.