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Freesia Bulbs

About Freesia

With lovely double blooms and a wonderful scent, freesias are absolutely showstopping. They're sure to brighten up your planting area with their assorted cheerful colors. Freesia bulbs do exceptionally well in the garden, in containers indoors, and as cut flower arrangements.

When to Plant Freesia Bulbs

When planting outdoors, plant freesia bulbs in April or May after the threat of frost has passed. They can be started in March or April if planting indoors or in a greenhouse.

Fall planting is only recommended for zones 9 through 12. Colder zones must lift bulbs before final frost.

If planting in the fall, do so at least four weeks before your last frost date.

Where to Plant Freesia Bulbs

Freesia bulbs need full sun conditions with well-draining soil (ideally neutral to alkaline).

How to Plant Freesia Bulbs

Prepare your planting area by loosening your soil to a depth of eight inches. Plant freesia bulbs in groups—two inches deep, and with two inches of spacing. They should be planted with the corms' pointed end up. While not a requirement, some gardeners find it beneficial to soak freesia bulbs for about half an hour before planting.

How to Care for Freesia

Freesia will need some sort of support in order to stay upright, whether planted directly in the soil or in pots. Cut off faded flowers at the base of the stem, but leave green foliage in place to extend the life of your freesia. They are not winter-hardy in nearly any US zone and won't survive frosts.