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Fritillaria Bulbs

When to Plant Fritillaria Bulbs

Fritillaria bulbs should be planted before the beginning of winter. Plant the bulbs a few weeks before the ground freezes. This gives the bulb time to establish a root system.

Where to Plant Fritillaria Bulbs

Orange Fritillaria do well with full sun in most regions. For warmer climates, try to select an area that has light afternoon shade. As with most bulbs, choosing well-draining soil is exceedingly important to prevent the bulbs from rotting. Early season moisture is necessary to assist in growth and flowering, while drier conditions during summer and fall is ideal for when the bulb goes dormant. Fritillarias need very good drainage to thrive. If there are puddles still present an hour after a rain, look for a different site. Likewise, fritillaria don’t transplant well, so be sure to choose a location that they will remain. Fritillaria bulbs may feel more spongy to the touch than most bulbs, and look somewhat discolored. This is expected and does not mean the bulbs are unhealthy.

How to Plant Fritillaria Bulbs

Fritillaria bulbs don’t develop hard exteriors like many other bulbs. Plant fritillaria 4-6” deep and about a foot apart. Fritillaria bulbs have a hole in the top, so to avoid having this hole collect water and encourage bulb rot, plant the bulbs on their sides.

How to Care for Freesia

After fritillaria have stopped flowering, trim off spent blossoms. The stalks will subsequently begin to dry and can be removed. Drier conditions are required during these plants' summer and fall dormancy period. At the end of the season, trim off any remaining dried foliage and top dress the planting area with 1 inch of compost.