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Geranium Bulbs

About Geraniums

Geraniums are popular choices for garden bedding, planters and hanging baskets. They are easy to grow, bright in color, and have a delightful scent! Brought to America from South Africa over 200 years ago, the geranium has been adored by many generations of gardeners.

When to Plant Geranium Bulbs

Plant after all danger of frost has passed and soil has reached 60° F.

Where to Plant Geranium Bulbs

You can successfully grow geraniums indoors or outdoors. However, plenty of sunlight is required for proper growth. Soil moisture should be regulated to ensure proper drainage. Geraniums grown in pots can be moved between the inside and outside.

How to Plant Geranium Bulbs

Choose loose, well-draining soil. If planting directly into the ground, space geraniums 6-24 inches apart. For container planting, be sure not to overcrowd.

How to Care for Geraniums

Water routinely, but allow the soil to dry out between waterings to avoid root-rot. Be careful to not allow leaves to wilt. Consistency is key! As flowers become spent, deadhead and remove any dried leaves. If you choose to fertilize, once per month will suffice. Over-fertilizing produces poor blooms. To save geraniums over winter, place the potted plants indoors near a bright window.