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Globe Gilia Seeds

When to Plant Globe Gilia Seeds

Direct sow outdoors 2-3 weeks before final frost date, or cold stratify indoors for 30 days, and sow after the threat of frost has passed. If Globe Gilia seeds are sown every two weeks, you can have continuous blooms the following growing season.

Where to Plant Globe Gilia Seeds

Plant in Full Sun conditions, in well-draining soil. Globe Gilia doesn't need much in terms of fertilizer, and can thrive in multiple soil types.

How to Plant Globe Gilia Seeds

Gilia seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Scatter seeds onto the surface of the soil and firmly compress, but do not cover. Globe Gilia seeds require sunlight in order to germinate. Covered seeds will have a much weaker germination rate.

How to Care for Globe Gilia

Globe Gilia requires little care or maintenance once established. Germination can be on the longer side - 14-21 days after sowing, so you may need to be patient before you see this variety sprouting. As annuals, Globe Gilia will die all the way back with the onset of frost. Simply cut down and clear any debris, and the area will be suitable for sowing again in the Spring.