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Hyacinth Bean Seeds

When to Plant Hyacinth Bean Seeds

Plant Hyacinth Bean in the Spring, once all danger of frost has passed, and nighttime temperatures are consistently at 50°F. You can also start indoors 4 weeks before the final frost date.

Where to Plant Hyacinth Bean Seeds

Choose a site with full sun, though tolerant of Partial Shade, you'll receive fewer blooms and Hyacinth Bean plants will be more susceptible to fungus. Well-draining soil with a neutral pH is best for Hyacinth Bean. While the soil itself doesn't need to be rich, amending with organic matter will give your growth the best start. Hyacinth Bean will need a place that will help provide support for it's extended growth, such as a trellis, that is at least 10-15 feet high.

How to Plant Hyacinth Bean Seeds

Hyacinth Bean seeds require scarification prior to planting. This is a simple process that involves nicking the seeds with a knife or rubbing them with sandpaper or a file. Learn more about the importance of scarification here.

Before planting, you must soak Hyacinth Bean seeds for 24 hours to encourage germination. Learn more about here.

Plant seeds 1 -1/2 inches deep. When you begin to see sprouting, thin to a spacing of 6 inches. Hyacinth Bean will germinate in 2-3 weeks.

How to Care for Hyacinth Bean

Once planted, Hyacinth Bean requires little maintenance. If the pods are allowed to open and drop seed, you will see Hyacinth return strongly in the following seasons. Ensure that soil drains well, and does not get wet, as it can cause damage to the plant's roots.