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Kohlrabi Seeds

When to Plant Kohlrabi Seeds

If you are planting your Kohlrabi seeds in the Spring, plant the seeds outside 4-6 weeks before your area’s last average frost. If you want to sow your Kohlrabi seeds in the Fall, plant them indoors 6-8 weeks before the first average frost and then transplant them outside when the seedlings grow to be about 4 inches tall.

Where to Plant Kohlrabi Seeds

Kohlrabi thrives best in full sun and in well-draining soil.

How to Plant Kohlrabi Seeds

Plant your seeds or transplanted seedlings about ¼ inch deep with 4-6 inches between each seed or seedling. Within your rows, space the seeds about 2 inches apart.

How to Harvest Kohlrabi

Harvest your Kohlrabi when the “bulbs” are about 2 inches in diameter. *Kohlrabi can be planted in either Spring or Fall, but Fall-planted Kohlrabi will have a sweeter taste due to being “hardened off” by the incoming cool weather.