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Lily of the Valley Roots

When to Plant Lily of the Valley Roots

Lily of the Valley is best planted in early Spring, when installing directly into the ground. Planting in pots can take place nearly any point during the Spring season.

Where to Plant Lily of the Valley Roots

Partial Shade is ideal for Lily of the Valley, though they can tolerate full shade conditions - though with far fewer flowers in that case. Choose well draining soil, and amend with manure and compost. Instead of a perennial garden, choose an area that Lily of the Valley can spread and roam, like a groundcover.

How to Plant Lily of the Valley Roots

Loosen soil to a depth of 12 inches. Ensure your hole is deep enough to accommodate the length of the root, plus an inch of space above the crown. Then backfill the hole and lightly cover with soil.

How to Care for Lily of the Valley

Note that you will most likely not see a bloom the first year, so be patient and watch for the flower the following year.

Lily of the Valley should be watered weekly for the first 4-6 weeks after you've planted, though once established, is drought tolerant. Lily of the Valley needs little maintenance and often the foliage will remain green even after your flowers have completely died off.