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Melon Seeds

When to Plant Melon Seeds

Don’t plant your melon seeds until the soil is consistently above 70 Degrees F.

Where to Plant Melon Seeds

Plant seeds in area of full sun and in nutrient rich soil.

How to Plant Melon Seeds

Before planting, amend your soil with compost or aged manure so the melons have adequate nutrition. Melons are vining plants, so form small hills in your rows with a few inches of spacing. Place 3-5 seeds per hill and water area. Melons require a lot of water so make sure they get watered regularly. When transplanting, give your melon seeds 36 to 40 inches of space so they can spread out.

How to Harvest Melons

Look for the rind color turning from green to yellow or tan. Harvest your melon when it is easy to pull from the vine, but not falling off. *Melons will generally flower before they bear fruit - this is normal and isn’t an indication that you won’t receive fruit! Pests and diseases are somewhat common with melons, so consistent attention is best.