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Mint Seeds

When to Plant Corsican Mint Seeds

Sow Corsican mint seeds indoors four to six weeks prior to your last frost date. If direct sowing in spring, make sure your soil temperature is at least 65°F. Once sown, keep the area moderately moist. During the growing season, Corsican mint has moderate water needs requiring moist, well-draining soil especially during hot summers.

Where to Plant Corsican Mint Seeds

Like all mints, Corsican mint sends out runners and spreads easily in moist, well-draining soil so be aware of its spreading tendencies. If planting around stepping stones, a fast spreading mint may be desired; but if left unattended, it may spread farther than desired. Planting in pots is a viable option to keep it contained, where it can spill over the side, provide beautiful, draping greenery, and also be close at hand to pick and add to teas.

How to Plant Corsican Mint Seeds

Choose an area that receives dappled sunlight, and clear the soil of all debris. Press seeds directly into the soil and lightly water the area to secure the seeds with good seed-to-soil contact. Germination will occur 7 to 10 days later. Keep the area moderately moist. Once established, propagation by division is the easiest method. Simply dig up and divide the low-growing carpet and replant in a new area.

How to Care for Corsican Mint

Corsican mint is the ideal option to use as a ground cover and for soil retention. It sends out runners, which stabilize the soil and helps it spread—exactly what we want if using it as a ground cover. Corsican mint can become overpowering, so planting in a container where it can showcase its Mediterranean, deep green, draping style is a wonderful alternative.