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Mustard Seeds

When to Plant Mustard Seeds

In the Spring, plant your mustard green seeds outside about 3 weeks before the average last frost date. If you are doing successive plantings to get a longer harvest, keep planting about every 3 weeks during the Spring. If you want a Fall harvest, plant the seeds in mid-late Summer. Mustard greens are a cool season crop so they don’t do well in the Summer heat.

Where to Plant Mustard Seeds

Plant your mustard green seeds in an area with full sun or partial shade for best results.

How to Plant Mustard Seeds

Plant them about 6 inches apart, ¼ to ½ inch deep. Mustard greens need plenty of water to thrive, so keep an eye on the rainfall to ensure that the greens don’t look wilted.

How to Harvest Mustard Greens

Harvest your mustard greens when the leaves are tender and young. If you want to harvest the entire plant, cut all of the leaves. For a stronger, more bitter taste, allow the leaves to grow longer.