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New England Aster Seeds

When to Plant New England Aster Seeds

Plant outdoors after the last frost of the season or as the first frost begins in the Fall. Planting in the fall allows for New England Aster to begin to flower in time for Spring. If planting in Spring or Summer, cold moist stratification is needed.

Where to Plant New England Aster Seeds

Plant in moist, nutrient dense, well draining soils that are exposed to full sun (6-8 hours of sun per day). Asters will tolerate subpar soil conditions as long as they stay moist and receive adequate sunlight. Areas with good air circulation are preferred.

How to Plant New England Aster Seeds

While not required, New England Aster seeds can benefit from a special 8 week treatment called cold moist stratification prior to planting them. Learn more about the importance and process of cold moist stratification here.

Spread seeds across the surface of moist soil; sunlight is not required for seeds to germinate, but seeds will struggle to germinate if buried too deeply due to their small size.

How to Care for New England Asters

New England Asters require a medium level of maintenance. They will struggle in poorly draining soils, especially clay. Aster wilt or root rot may become an issue if soils are not allowed to drain adequately. As the plant grows taller it can either be staked to prevent it from falling or cut to the ground. Trimming New England Asters will allow the plant to become tidier, bushier, and more full, but this may delay flower blooming.