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Papaver Roots

When to Plant Papaver Roots

Papavers thrive when planted in either the Spring or the Fall. We keep our papaver roots in cold storage to simulate winter, getting them ready for planting in either season. When planted in the fall they can establish their roots and get the winter chilling they need to bloom the following spring.

Where to Plant Papaver Roots

Site poppies in full sun. They do well in all types of well-draining soils. Be certain to avoid spots in your landscape that stay wet or puddle after a rain. Adequate drainage is key to ensure that the bulbs won’t rot in the ground. Adding 2 to 3 inches of compost, loam or sphagnum peat will help to promote good drainage.

How to Plant Papaver Roots

Dig a hole that's deep enough to accommodate the long, carrot-like roots, up to 10-12" deep. Shallow planting is often the cause of failure, as is soil that is too wet. When inserted, there should be approximately 3 inches of soil covering the crown. Water your Oriental poppy plants during dry periods in the spring. After the blooming period has passed, it is not necessary to provide additional water. Oriental poppies go summer dormant, losing their foliage by late June.

How to Care for Papavers

At the end of your season, leave any new foliage on the plant. After the first hard frost, apply mulch to buffer soil temperature and help prevent the crowns from being heaved out of the soil.