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Parsnip Seeds

When to Plant Parsnip Seeds

Parsnips need plenty of time to grow, so sow your seeds as soon as the ground is workable. Ensure that the soil is at least 46 degrees F so the seeds will germinate well.

Where to Plant Parsnip Seeds

An area that has full sun is ideal for Parsnips, but they are able to grow in some shade as well.

How to Plant Parsnip Seeds

Parsnips need a long growing season so plant as soon as the soil is workable. Till or loosen your soil in the planting area. If your soil is not ideal, add some compost or organic material to amend the soil. Plant the seeds ¼ inch deep with about 2 seeds per inch. After you see growth in 2.5-3 weeks, thin out the seedlings so they are around 3-5 inches apart.

How to Harvest Parsnips

Parsnips taste better after a hard frost, so leave them in the ground for about 105 days before pulling them up. Loosen the soil around the roots with a fork before lifting them to avoid damaging the roots. Use immediately or store parsnips in a box of barely moist soil, peat, or sand. Store in a cool place for up to 4 months.