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Passiflora Seeds

When to Plant Passiflora Seeds

Sow seeds in late winter or early spring. While some will germinate after about a month, some seeds can take up to 48 weeks to germinate.

Where to Plant Passiflora Seeds

Passiflora vines thrive in full sun or partial shade, in loose, sandy, or gravelly, moist, well-drained soils. Do not provide too much manure or compost or this will result in lush vegetable growth and poor flowering. Provide a trellis, fence, or brick wall for your vine to climb. If planted indoors, vine will grow to about 5' tall, whereas they will grow up to 15-20' tall outdoors.

How to Plant Passiflora Seeds

Before planting, we recommend soaking passiflora seeds for 24 hours to encourage germination. Learn more about here.

In place of soaking in water, you can soak seeds in pulpy passion fruit juice- the acid helps break down the seed shell to improve germination. Sow seeds about 1/4" deep in potting soil. Keep soil damp, but not too wet.

How to Care for Passiflora

If starting seeds indoors, harden off and transplant to the garden after the seedlings have 4-5 leaves. Keep plants well watered through the summer months, watering infrequently but deeply to encourage deep root growth. During the winter months, keep the soil on the dry side so it will go semi-dormant, or you may choose to bring plants indoors for the cold season. Prune new growth occasionally to promote flowering.