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Peanut Seeds

About Peanuts

One of the most widely grown crops in the world, peanuts are a fun novelty item to grow in your planting area. A summer blooming annual, peanuts are ready to harvest in late summer/early fall when the leaves begin to yellow. One of the unexpected joys of peanuts are their lovely yellow flowers - they are edible and are excellent in salads!

When to Plant Peanut Seeds

For outdoor sowing, plant Peanut seeds after danger of frost has passed in the spring. If starting your seeds indoors, plant several weeks before the end of frost season in individual pots.

Where to Plant Peanut Seeds

Peanuts grow best in well-composted, fertile, light-textured, sandy, well-drained soil in full sun conditions. The most ideal soil pH is 5.1-6.5. Add calcium as needed to the top 3-4" of soil.

How to Plant Peanut Seeds

Plant seeds about 2" deep in rows 3' apart with 6-9" between each plant in the row. Water regularly and avoid letting soil dry out. Seedlings should germinate within 14-21 days.

How to Care for Peanuts

Water regularly until germination takes place. After first fall frost, dig up plants and spread on a dry surface, not touching the ground, allowing plants to dry in full sun for 4-7 days before stripping the pods from the plants. Pods typically ripen 120-150 days after sowing your seeds.