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Rhubarb Seeds

When to Plant Rhubarb Seeds

Rhubarb is a cool-weather perennial that can live for 10 - 15+ years in cooler regions.

Where to Plant Rhubarb Seeds

Choose a location that receives full sun, and a planting bed that will not be disturbed. Rhubarb does best when average temperatures are below 70-75°F in the Summer and falls below 40°F in the Winter. In warmer climates, afternoon shade would be advisable.

How to Plant Rhubarb Seeds

Starting Indoors - Soak seeds for a minimum of 2 hours before planting. Sow 2 seeds per 2 to 3-inch pot, 6-8 weeks before last frost date. Cover seed 1/4" deep and keep evenly watered. Thin to 1 per pot. Keep room temperature around 70°F. If temps drops below, you may need an additional heat source, like a mat or heating table, to help them continue their progress.

How to Harvest Rhubarb

Rhubarb is ready when the stalks of the leaves reach about 10 inches. Cut off the stalks with a knife or gently pull stalk and bend it until it breaks. Make sure you leave some of the stalk to ensure further growth. *Never eat the leaves of Rhubarb as it is poisonous. *Newly planted rhubarb should not be fully harvested to ensure the plant can become firmly established in your garden.