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Salsify Seeds

When to Plant Salsify Seeds

Sow salsify as early as 2 weeks before the last expected frost in spring when the soil temperature has reached about 40 degrees F. In mild winter regions, sow salsify in early autumn for a winter harvest. Salsify requires 120-150 days to reach harvest and is best when it comes to maturity in cool weather

Where to Plant Salsify Seeds

Salsify prefers deep, well-drained soil and full sun. It's not a good choice for container growing, as it's roots grow very deep. The ideal temperature for germination is 40-60 degrees F. Be sure to shade plants during high temperatures to maintain tenderness and taste.

How to Plant Salsify Seeds

Loosen soil down to 18" so that roots will have nice, loose soil to stretch into. Plant 3 seeds every 3" - 6" and cover with no more than 1" soil. Once plants are established, thin seedlings to one plant every 3" - 6".

How to Harvest Salsify

Roots are ready to harvest in fall, through winter. Very cold hardy, and flavor improves after several frosts. Dig roots in late fall before ground freezes. In milder areas, roots can be kept in the soil until the following spring, harvesting as needed.