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Salvia Roots

About Salvia

The name Salvia derives from the Latin verb, salvere, meaning health, well-being, prosperity or salvation, referring to the herb's healing properties. These roots produce beautiful, deep, purple-blue spikes up to 2-2.5' tall. Attracting hummingbirds, butterflies, and other beneficial insects is what Salvia does best.

When to Plant Salvia Roots

As soon as the threat of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Salvia Roots

An area with Full Sun conditions in well-draining soil. If your soil is prone to drying out, amended with organic matter.

How to Plant Salvia Roots

Dig a hole the size of the root, and install, covering with approximately 1 inch of soil above the top of the root. Compress the soil, and water well.

How to Care for Salvia

Deadheading is necessary to encourage continued blooming for salvia. If your salvia has become leggy or droopy, provide support for the plant with stakes, or you can deadhead the flowers so new growth can come in. Drooping can happen for several reasons such as too much water, not enough sun, or too much fertilizer.