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Snow on the Mountain Seeds

About Snow on the Mountain

Euphorbia marginata, commonly known as snow on the mountain, is an old-fashioned flower with striking variegated foliage that makes it an excellent companion for hot-colored summer annuals. Its cool-green and white variegated leaves develop during mid-summer.

When to Plant Snow on the Mountain Seeds

If starting indoors, begin the process six to eight weeks prior to the last expected spring frost. If directly sowing outdoors, be sure to sow your seeds after all danger of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Snow on the Mountain Seeds

Plant your euphorbia marginata seeds in an area that receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight daily. While it welcomes some afternoon shade in hot summer climates, avoid placing it in too much shade, which may cause it to become floppy and fall over.

Choose a well-draining location to avoid soggy soil. Tolerant of poor soils, including rocky-sandy ones, this plant is also drought-tolerant.

How to Plant Snow on the Mountain Seeds

Begin indoor cultivation six to eight weeks before the last expected frost. Plant seeds at a depth of ¼ inch. For quicker germination, scarify your seeds by soaking seeds in warm water for eight hours or nick the seed coat. Read more about scarifying seeds here.

Maintain a temperature of 65°F to 75°F. Use a humidity dome to retain moisture until germination takes place. Euphorbia marginata seeds typically sprout in 6 to 15 days.

When transplanting, mix in about two inches of compost or organic granular fertilizer into the existing soil. It's safe to transplant outdoors approximately two weeks after the last frost, provided temperatures remain above 40°F. Read more about the hardening off process here.

If planting in the garden, directly sow the seeds after the last frost has passed. Again, scarify your seeds prior to planting and plant seeds into the soil at a depth of ¼ inch. Leave approximately one foot of space between plants.

How to Care for Snow on the Mountain

Snow on the mountain requires medium water use, equivalent to about one inch of water per week. There are no serious pest or disease issues with snow on the mountain, but keep an eye out for aphids. Valued for its dramatically variegated foliage and long-lasting flowers, this plant is both deer and rabbit resistant. It stands out in your garden throughout the growing season and is perfect for wildflower meadows or perennial borders.

When cutting this plant, be sure to wear gloves as both stems and leaves contain a poisonous milky sap. Euphorbia marginata grows to a height of one to three feet and a width of one to two feet. It will self-seed and return to the garden year after year.