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Swiss Chard Seeds

When to Plant Swiss Chard Seeds

Starting Indoors: sow seeds indoors in the early Spring, 4 – 6 weeks prior to the last heavy frost of the season has passed. Sow seeds ½" deep, 2 seeds every 2", thin to 4" -6” apart. Starting Outdoors – directly sow seeds 2 – 3 weeks before the last spring frost date. For a fall harvest, plant Chard seeds about 40 days before the first fall frost date.

Where to Plant Swiss Chard Seeds

Plant your Swiss Chard in well-draining, rich, light soil, in full sun.

How to Plant Swiss Chard Seeds

Prepare your planting area by turning over soil under to a depth of 8 inches. Level with a rake to remove any clumps of grass or debris. Sow about 6 inches apart and cover with ½ inch fine soil. Compress seeds lightly into the soil and keep area evenly moist. Keep the soil moist but not saturated. Seedlings emerge in about 7-14 days. Once seedlings are 2 – 4 inches tall, thin them out so that they are 12 inches apart.

How to Harvest Swiss Chard

When leaves are 8-10" long, cut the outer leaves 1-2" above the soil. Once you begin to harvest, you can continue until frost begins