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Virginia Stock Seeds

When to Plant Virginia Stock Seeds

Direct sow Virginia Stock seeds in the Spring up to 4 weeks before the final frost as soon as the soil can be worked, and remains cool to the touch. In climates that don't experience a freeze, Virginia Stock seeds can be sown through Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Where to Plant Virginia Stock Seeds

Choose an area with Full Sun conditions for Virginia Stock to thrive. Soil type isn't important when it comes to this variety, as long as it drains well. Ideally, the soil will be slightly alkaline with a pH between 6.1-7.8.

How to Plant Virginia Stock Seeds

Sow seeds onto the surface of the soil, and firmly compress. Keep seeds moist until they germinate. Expect seedlings in about 7-21 days. Ensure that you don't cover your Virginia Stock seeds, as they require sunlight to germinate. For continuous blooms, perform successive sowings about every 4 weeks.

How to Care for Virginia Stock

Once established, Virginia Stock is drought tolerant, though may need occasional watering in dry conditions. Deadhead spent flowers to encourage additional blooms. Virginia Stock is also a strong self-seeder, and will return in subsequent seasons if allowed to go to seed.