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Remember King Alfred?

Remember King Alfred?

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

When it comes to daffodils, King Alfred  was king of them all for decades, especially in the USA.  Just ask your mom or grandmother—they’ll remember King Alfred Daffodils, always the one to plant, famous since its introduction early in the 1900’s.

Dutch Master

The Netherland Flower Bulb Center keeps scores on these things, and their records tell us that even when the hybridizers began “improving” King Alfred, gardeners in the rest of the world went right along, but not Americans.  We demanded it by name, and kept King Alfred as No. 1 for decades.

Slowly the improved ones took over, and today, it’s one called Dutch Master, the magnificent large trumpet daffodil above.  (It’s still the pure yellow, but a little larger, and a little better at resisting cold and wet weather in spring)

But, if you’re a traditionalist, we have them both this year, so you can take your choice. That’s the original King Alfred, below.

King Alfred