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Stargazer, the most popular lily in the World

Stargazer, the most popular lily in the World

Monday, November 6th, 2017

Why Stargazer is No. 1

This is the most popular lily in the world.  And here’s why.  The incredible beauty.  The dreamlike scent.   And much more.

This is an oriental hybrid lily, many of which are quite tall.  Stargazer grows only to about three feet.  And unlike other oriental hybrids, it is “upward facing,” not facing downward like many of its relatives. That’s how it got its name….it gazes at the stars!  Now you know why it’s the top choice of florists.  It gazes up in their (and your) arrangements.

Don’t ever think you have to go to a florist to have these beauties. Nothing’s easier to grow, and yours will be just as spectacular as the florist’s.  Just pop the bulbs into your garden this fall or in spring.  If you plant in fall, they’ll have all winter to get the roots established.  If you plant in spring, that’s fine, but they’ll bloom a little later (late summer) since they’ll have to establish roots and flowers all at once.

Even if you cut them, (cut about half the stem) they’re dependably perennial in all but the coldest zones, and have more and more flowers each year.  What more can you ask?

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